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About Us

Our story starts in 2009 with a chap called Happy and his interest in fashion. Nine years and many garments later, we now bring you the best of sports fashion, casual wear and premium brands to logo lovers all over the world by mail.


We’re mad about the best sportswear

We’ve been curating sportswear for 9 years now and we’ve become quite the experts at finding the most unique and exciting items. But we don’t just work on getting those garments, footwear and accessories out there, we show you what you can wear with what and deliver it with as much speed as we can. So, hop on board and come on a sports fashionista journey with us.


Why all these brands?

In a nutshell, we know that you want to look good but at an affordable cost. When we collect the garments to sell to our customers, we choose ones that will not only make you look the bomb but ones that have a great price tag. After all, you’ve still got to have the money to go out in them once you’ve got them!  We’ve also got some accessories that we make ourselves such as hats, socks, gloves and underwear.


We work with people with passion

We talk to our sportswear suppliers, packagers and delivery people every day and have relationships with them all. We’ll even go out and visit some of them to see what they’ve got in their warehouses and what the latest fashion and footwear releases are.  Just because we’re based in Yorkshire doesn’t mean that we’re sitting around with a giant pack of hobnobs, drinking Yorkshire tea and watching the cricket all day long. We’ve got a lot of browsing and picking to do!


We’re British and we’re proud of it

We’re proud to be a British business and part of Britain’s historically successful fashion scene. We also love technology and combine this to provide you with a secure and easy to navigate sportswear retail platform. We know that wherever you are in Europe, you want access to a broad range of sports fashion and premium brands, great prices and fast delivery. We’re here for you. Get in touch.


Our community work

At ViviFashion, doing our bit is a big part of who we are. Whether we are donating clothing to local homeless charities or finding other ways to support the community, we do it.


We’re a dope team

We are who we are because we’ve got a lot of passionate grafters working their little sports socks off. It’s all down to their individual personalities that our office has a great atmosphere, from the tech experts to the office cleaners to the customer services team – we’ve all got that Northern charm and a great sense of humour. We also do all we can to promote our business values of diversity and equality in all that we do.


More about our history

Going back to our chap, Happy. He started selling clothes and footwear from a booklet on his bicycle at the age of 15. The local people loved him and visited his physical retail outlet – in his dad’s garage! After bringing his wares to the masses via a retail shop in Greater Manchester, he found that eBay and Amazon had the most fashion-conscious buyers and so he focused on there. We now sell all our products via the website to UK, EU and the rest of the world.